Wonderful: A Facelift in A Bottle

"A Face That Puts Flowers to Shame"

From empresses to farmers, the ancient China used herbs to keep their skin wonderfully flawless, radiant, and ageless.  Yang Guifei, a renowned beauty of the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 A.D.) and in Chinese history was known to have “a face that puts flowers to shame.”

“Face and hand cream, clothing incense, and bathing beans are all essentials of nobles and officials,” recorded 孙思邈 Sun Simiao, a famous physician of the Tang dynasty, in his text on Chinese medicine Treasured Prescription.

Such timeless traditions went on to survive centuries of modernization and are in demand now more than ever.

At Si Jin Bao we keep these ancient traditions alive and have been bringing the science of the ancients forward for over two decades.

Wonderful™: A Facelift in A Bottle​

One of our best sellers, a topical herbaceutical called Wonderful™ has been a favorite of our clientele since its introduction.  Wonderful™ is a part of Si Jin Bao’s Ancient Chinese Medifacial Protocol and is known for its tagline, “facelift in a bottle”!

Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, our founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer created Wonderful for restoring the youthful appearance to skin. This unique formulation firms, tones, lifts, hydrates, promotes elasticity and reduces wrinkles and pore size.

Many professionals also include Wonderful™ in their Spa treatments. This product is known to increase and speed up the results as well as extend the effects of professional skin protocols.

In addition to its uses for facial rejuvenation, it has also been proven effective at lessening the appearance of excess dampness on the thighs, waist, hips, and chest area.


“This cream lives up to its name “Wonderful.” Clients with super dry and dehydrated skin conditions report that their skin is maintaining moisture. As for other conditions, Wonderful has been working wonders on toning the facial muscles and reducing the crepe look on the upper chest area of my clients. All this with only one nightly application. Very cool!”

Unlike many of the skincare products available on the market, Wonderful™ has lasting effects. Most products only provide benefits as long as you continue their use. After a 90-day treatment cycle, the effects of Wonderful™ can last for long periods.

Users benefit from reduction of inflammation, promotion of regeneration and tone to the musculature.

Interested in more information on Wonderful™? View our complimentary Jia de Yisheng Home Medic Course on Wonderful™ presented by our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer here!

Croopy Cough™: Is it MEAN & GREEN?

An Incredible Historical Record

The Chronological Table of Epidemic Diseases in Ancient China lists MORE THAN 800 RECORDS of various epidemics that plagued its land and people during thousands of years of history.

Efforts to prevent and control the outbreaks generated a colossal wealth of experience and documentation.
Some of the finest physicians in Chinese history emerged out of challenging times. Doctors closely studied the origins and progression of diseases and tirelessly worked to identify treatment protocols and herbal prescriptions. Much of the extensive research and practice lead to the creation of monumental medical texts, many of which are referenced in Traditional Chinese Medicine schools worldwide today. Not only are they still in use, but they also list herbal formulas that are widely administered in everyday clinical practice.

"I love these products they are truly the best around! I have used the open airway (Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang / Croopy Cough) tea for about 5 yrs now off and on and it has helped my daughter and myself get through the worst of colds without needing antibiotics! Thank you so much for making these miraculous products. "​

Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™

Si Jin Bao’s Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™ and it’s Professional counterpart Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang dates back over four centuries.

Croopy Cough™ is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula developed by famous physician and medical author Wu Kun in 1584. Dr. Wu Kun used this formula for febrile disease, congestion, coughing, bronchitis, and Sinusitis (including sinus infection).

One of the major ingredients in the Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™ is 黃苓Huang Qin which in modern research has revealed the flavone Baicalin. It is noted to help potentiate the effectiveness of western antibiotics.

Known for its tagline, Open Airway & Eliminate Congestion, Croopy Cough™ ventilates the chest, stops cough and wheezing, regulates Qi, dissolves phlegm, clears heat, drains and dries dampness.

The unique formulation was created by the Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer of Si Jin Bao, Kamal Polite, A.P. DOM, over 18 years ago. He has over two decades of clinical experience and has been dedicated to providing premium Chinese Herbaceuticals to homes all across the globe.

With well over 470,000 doses delivered, Croopy Cough™ is a great addition to your home wellness protocol. It is fast-acting, effortless, tasteful, and provides the ease of small doses along with the vigor and vitality of powerful formulas. It is also vegan, kid tested, mom-approved, and alcohol free.  We do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Looking for more information on Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™? Interested in becoming Your Family’s First Responder? Be sure to listen to the Jia de Yisheng Home Medic Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™ Webinar presented by our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer!

Si Jin Bao Green Packaging

Environment Friendly Packaging

Here at Si Jin Bao much care and detail is paid in every step of our products and shipping processes, down to the very function of the color of our bottles.

Our glass and plastic packaging is 100% recyclable.  In addition, our plastic bottles are made from 100% recycled materials.   

Why the green and amber color for our concentrated decoctions as well as topicals? Darker colors protect your product from the heat.  While ideal conditions for storage are in a cool, dark place away from any extreme temperatures or temperature changes, our concentrated decoctions are extremely stable and will hold up well in conditions that are less than ideal.  Also, green and amber glass bottles are preferred for recycling programs.

How to Clean and Reuse Our Bottles

Empty plastic and glass bottles are useful in many ways around your home.  The labels on our bottles peel off easily, especially when soaked in hot water with a little soap.  Be sure to clean the bottles well with hot soapy water after you have removed the label.  The glass bottles may also be sanitized in a dishwasher (not plastic bottles!).

What can you reuse the bottles for?  Here are a few ideas!  There are many more blogs devoted completely to the subject covering everything from decorative lights to flavored toothpicks, so if you don’t see one that fits you below keep looking. 

  1. Make them into mini flower vases. You may use them individually, or tie several together and make a centerpiece with them like Mountain Rose Herbs did in the photo above!
  2. Use the bottles to hold your toiletries for travel. Things like hair oil and face serum will fit perfectly into our 2oz glass bottles and shampoo or body wash is an easy add to our plastic bottles to free up space in your carry-on.
  3. Make a DIY Reed Diffuser.  All you need is a carrier oil, reeds, and your favorite essential oil. Great tutorial on that here.
  4. Make a DIY mouthwash.  Who doesn’t love fresh breath?
  5. And lastly, recycle!

How to Recycle & Reuse Our Shipping Boxes

Did you know that our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are also 100% recyclable?  Here are some great ideas for use around the house!

  1. Use it as a gardening container.  Poke a few holes in the bottom and voila – the perfect home for a new plant!
  2. Use it in your compost. Cardboard is a great compost material for carbon and helps to improve the carbon to nitrogen ratio. Just tear the box up well before putting it in the bin.
  3. Weeds be gone. Lay a piece of cardboard flat on top of the weeds, and water it thoroughly.  Add soil to the top.  Here is a great video on how that works.
  4. Crafts for the kids.  Check out this website for a few ideas.
  5. Use them for reshipping and a few other ideas (think bird feeders and photo mats).

Stay healthy and help the planet with Si Jin Bao!  Tell us in the comments below how you reuse our bottles and cardboard boxes.

Back to School and Autumn with Immun-A-Tea™

Back to School and Autumn with Immun-A-Tea™

In many parts of the Western Hemisphere it is “Back to School” time. If you follow the Ancient Chinese calendar you will also know that the solar term 立秋Lì Qiū, translated as “autumn begins” has just commenced and is a transitional period of the year marking the change from summer to fall.

In certain mountainous regions of China people follow the tradition of writing the following saying on a red paper and attaching it to their front door:

“Autumn has begun today; 100 illnesses be gone” jin ri li qiu, bai bing jie xiu.

In either case, it is the PRIME TIME to boost your Zheng Qi (the body’s ability to resist disease and exogenous pathogens, read more about Zheng Qi here). Why not do it effortlessly and with ease by using prevention?

The “黃帝內經 Huangdi Neijing”, known in the West as “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, was put together more than two thousand years ago and is still regarded as a classic of Chinese medicine.  It elaborates on whether or not external causes lead to illnesses; determined by a person’s internal vital energy and the strength of their Zheng Qi.

This timeless canon emphasizes that boosting one’s vital energy can prevent illness. Throughout the text people are encouraged to take preventative measures before they get sick, seek treatment early on if they have symptoms of illness, and take steps to maintain their well being. In other words, protect yourself and your family now!

Shields Up with Immun-A-Tea™

Back in early 2019 Si Jin Bao introduced the newest addition to our all-natural, alcohol free, kid-friendly, and vegan internal decoction line which has been helping families stay happy and healthy across the world for over two decades.

With well over 105,000 doses delivered, Immun-A-Tea™ is a great addition to your home wellness protocol. Known for its tagline, ‘Boost your Zheng Qi,’ Immun-A-Tea™ promotes oxygen absorption, regulates respiration, promotes digestive function, regulates the immune system, regulates bowels and eliminates toxins.  Just like all of our products, Immun-A-Tea™ is kid tested and mom-approved.

At Si Jin Bao we believe that giving your body the tools necessary to function efficiently and flawlessly will lead to balance and harmony within the body.

It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy.

“We have been using IMMUN-A-TEA for over a year now to boost our immunity. It has worked great for our family. I have IBS and try to stay away from supplements due to how sensitive my system is and I find what works for most, does not work for me. None of us including my children had any side effects. It is great fo children who can’t swallow capsules, sensory aversions to textures, and sensitive to tastes. You cannot taste this at all when mixed with liquid. It is also simple and convenient, only once per month for 3 days. We have not been sick in over a year now. Elderberry is great to boost immunity and kids respond to taking it in the gummy form. However, why take gummy junk every day when you only have to take the IMMUN-A-TEA once a month for 3 days? You cannot go wrong with the cost either as it is inexpensive!”
- L.L.

Schmoove™: Nutrition for the Skin™

Schmoove™: Nutrition for the Skin™

In the late spring of 1998 “Dr. Kamal”, as his patients affectionately referred to him as, released an external herbaceutical that would provide relief and treat burns for his oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. His clients started to notice that their skin felt and looked better than ever before. In fact, the name for this formula came from a patient’s description of the way it made her skin feel…smooth…Schmoove™!

He soon realized that the formula he developed did much more.

How Does Schmoove™ Work?

Schmoove™ is an all-natural vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free, phtahalate-free, silicone-free, parent and kid loving product with no synthetics. It is NUTRITION FOR THE SKIN and alleviates all types of skin conditions, no matter the cause.

It works to promote proper skin function by providing the skin with the ionic nutrition it needs. This quickly and effectively clears up skin problems and eliminates the burning or itching that goes along with these conditions.

When Should I Use Schmoove™?

Schmoove™ is the perfect SUMMER time product to have on you ALWAYS for the entire family. Throw it in your purse or backpack, keep it in your pocket or drawer at work. Take it on vacations, and don’t forget it for daytime hikes and fun with the kids.

Have a bug bite?
How about a sunburn?
Skin irritation?
A burn?
What about a rash?

Did you know?

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments for skin disorders have been in use since 1100 to 221 B.C. in China!

A Few Things to Remember...

Surround the Dragon! What does this mean?

If you have a lesion, cut, pimple, or rash – put Schmoove™ in a circle AROUND it – NOT on top. The healthy skin will assist the damaged skin in the healing process.

Always follow the suggested protocol on the back of the bottle, or refer to a practitioner trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine if you have severe acute skin disorders.

Drink plenty of distilled water. Schmoove™ is amazing, but never takes the place of being hydrated. How much water? 50-75% of your weight in ounces of water each day to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Twenty-three years later and Schmoove™ is still a favorite amongst our customers. As we say here at Si Jin Bao:

"When in doubt, SCHMOOVE™ IT OUT!"

5 Ways to Boost Your Zheng Qi

What is Zheng Qi?

What is Zheng Qi?  You may have seen it on our social media posts or from the label on our Immu-A-TEA bottles.  We talk about this subject frequently here at Si Jin Bao.   Zheng Qi means “upright” qi in Chinese.  It is the body’s ability to resist disease and exogenous pathogens. 

Consider Zheng Qi to be your personal body guard protecting your internal life force from any outside intruders around the clock.

The next question you might be asking yourself is: “Isn’t that what the immune system does?”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it goes much deeper than just the immune system.  It is the ability to recover after damaging influences, and to maintain balance in order to return to a normal state.  It is adaptive, has a will to live, and survivability.  Some call it a protective power.  It is the body’s strength and resistance.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Zheng Qi

Clearly the next question is, “How do I boost my Zheng Qi?” 

There are many simple and effective ways!  Here are 5 just to get you started:

  1. SLEEP Sleep allows the body to rest, recharge, and repair.  Did you know that it also reduces stress and increases mood?
  2. EXERCISE  In Chinese Medicine exercise of the internal and external body is important.  In the West most people are not aware of the benefits of exercise for your internal organs.  Try Qigong or Dao Yin (like The Morning Workout Class from our friends over at OHO Seminars).
  3. SUNLIGHT & FRESH AIR  Time spent outside helps to reduce stress, mental fatigue, and dis-ease.  It cleans our lungs, increases oxygen absorption, balances our hormones, and the list goes on.  Not to mention it increases our Hormone D levels and decreases cortisol in the blood.  Be sure to take nice long deep breaths while you are outside.
  4. DRINK WATER  Water is vital for the everyday function of your body.  It is a solvent for chemical reactions, a transport material for nutrients and waste, allows for proper circulation, and regulates the body’s temperature amongst a whole host of things.  Carry water with you so that you do not become dehydrated.
  5. IMMUN-A-TEA™  Take the first 3 days of every month to boost your Zheng Qi, it’s that EASY.

Boost Your Zheng Qi with Immun-A-Tea™

Back in early 2019 we introduced the newest addition to our all-natural, alcohol free, kid-friendly, and vegan internal decoction line which has been helping families stay happy and healthy across the world for over two decades.

With well over 90,000 doses delivered, Immun-A-Tea™ is a great addition to your home wellness protocol.  Known for its tagline, ‘Boost your Zheng Qi,’ Immun-A-Tea™ promotes oxygen absorption, regulates respiration, promotes digestive function, regulates the immune system, regulates bowels and eliminates toxins.

Just like all of the Si Jin Bao products, Immun-A-Tea™ is kid tested and mom-approved.

“I just finished my coffee with Immun-A-TEA in it. I have not felt this alive in so long. I feel like crying I feel so much better”- WY

Interested in learning more about Immun-A-Tea™? Be sure to listen to our complimentary Halotherapy Webinar presented by the Chief Herbaceutical Engineer of Si Jin Bao here.

Until next time, stay healthy 健康!

What are Concentrated Decoctions?

Decoctions are derived from a unique process of extracting herbs to create a more potent and easily assimilated form. The net result is a liquid and/or cream that can be used topically or taken as a tea.
In China, OVER 80% of all herbs are processed by patients into decoctions. However, in the West many patients do not follow through with their herbal treatments due to the extensive amount of time and effort it takes to do so correctly.
Upon ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ return from China (see Our History for more!), he began developing his own line of Herbaceuticals. With a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and experience gained from visiting China, he felt confident that a decoction process could be created to appeal to the American public. Being a practitioner himself for over twenty years, he knew exactly what patients were looking for: a fast-acting, effortless, and tasteful way to take traditional herbs. After much research and trial he achieved his goal of bringing Chinese decoctions to the Western People.
While the decoctions tasted better than ever, new complaints arrived about the large amount that had to be consumed in order to be effective. This led to the development of Concentrated Decoctions. At a concentration ration initially of 16:1, he was able to make potent herbs in smaller dosages.  That was twenty years ago, and now people from around the globe enjoy an even more concentrated version of those same formulas.  The ease of very diminutive doses and the vigor and vitality of premium powerful formulas is what makes Si Jin Bao and our Concentrated Decoctions unique.
‘Dr. Kamal’ also developed a line of topical creams over two decades ago that have proven to be very successful.  Revive was created to alleviate any type of Bi syndrome through invigorating Qi.  Schmoove was formed to treat burns for oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, and in the process, was found to eliminate skin conditions.  Lastly, Wonderful was formulated to fight the effects of aging.
Here at Si Jin Bao we continue to create Concentrated Decoctions and concentrated creams that rejuvenate and invigorate people globally.  As the founder, ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ vision is to provide fast acting and effective herbs as a means to serve all people.  His inspiration and love of traditional Chinese medicine has created a product line that is effective and powerful.
At Si Jin Bao, we do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Did you know?

All of our herbs are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure purity of the raw materials before they are processed in our own facility. We only use the highest-quality of herbs to create our formulas and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the Herbaceutical industry.