Si Jin Bao

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8 Reasons Why People Love Si Jin Bao

Here’s why health conscious people are trying and sticking with Si Jin Bao Herbal formulas.

1. They're Designed By a Physician

Si Jin Bao herbaceuticals are designed and crafted by a Physician and Herbaceutical Engineer with 26+ years of clinical experience. In fact, he is widely known for developing many proprietary products in the herbaceutical industry. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‘Dr. Kamal’ has been educating physicians, individuals, families, and whole communities on how to create a sustainable, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle for themselves for decades.

2. They're Delicious

It’s no secret that when people hear “Chinese Herbs”, they instantly imagine a bitter and unpleasant taste. With Si Jin Bao there is no need to choke down pills and bitter herbs! We believe that creating an all-natural product that works is only half the job. It has to be an enjoyable, delicious, and part of your daily routine. That’s why our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer spent over 5 years perfecting and refining our formula until even a small child would benefit from and enjoy the taste.

“The girls both drink the teas without any fuss and once they do, their symptoms do not progress any further and they soon recover. They keep forever too!”

3. They Couldn't Be More Simple

When people hear “Chinese Herbs”, many instantly imagine “too much work”. They are not wrong. Traditional methods used to produce Chinese herbal formulas are intricate and complex. The process takes hours, with a variety of instructions for the desired effect. In China, over 80% of all herbal prescriptions are prepared by an herbalist and then processed at home by patients into decoctions.

Our founder quickly discovered that from an American perspective, becoming a lay-herbalist is not convenient and takes too much time. So, he set out to create a line of products that could bring the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine to the fast paced Western lifestyle.

And so all you need to take any SJB Herbacetical is just Hot Water! They are delivered in drops and added to one ounce of hot water – nothing else needed! Cover for 5 minutes and take twice daily.  Easily consumed on the go, or, if you have time, we suggest taking a moment to yourself, away from the craziness of life and JUST BREATHE. Step outside, or sit by an open window with your hot drink and listen to the quiet of the world around you.

"The convenience of the drops as well as the effectiveness are really unsurpassed. Thank you so much."
– Cornelia Franz, M.D.

4. They Have Plant-based Herbs and No Fillers

Each proprietary blend contains all natural plant-based herbs that are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure purity of the raw materials before they are processed in our own facility.

“I have trusted Si Jin Bao Air Tea for myself and my children for nearly a decade.”
–M. Trottier

5. They're Safe For All Ages

They are completely safe for pregnant women, infants & children – in fact they are safe for all ages. That’s the beauty of our products, it’s designed for ANYONE. Check dosage requirements and consult your health care provider before use.

6. They're Vegan, All Natural & Cruelty-Free

We only use the highest-quality of plant-based herbs to create our formulas. Free from preservatives, food additives, artificial ingredients, and fillers. They are also Vegan and Cruelty-Free while being sourced from ethical producers from around the world.

7. They're Alcohol Free

Concentrated Decoctions are a potent and powerful way to deliver the healing and balancing benefits of herbs to your body. Traditionally decoctions are made using alcohol, however, our internal herbs are 100% Alcohol Free thanks to a proprietary process developed by our founder!

8. They're Backed by Science

Our herbs have been trusted by Eastern & Western Physicians for 26+ years, plus backed by research and studies proven clinically by scientists, and herbalists. Experience the wonders of ancient wisdom fused with modern technology.