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Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™ 清氣化痠湯

Open Airway & Eliminate Congestion

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Open Airway & Eliminate Congestion – 4oz

Clear the Qi and Transform Phlegm Decoction

formerly known as Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang OTC

This is the Over-the-Counter Version of Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang

This is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula developed by famous physician Wu Kun in 1584. Dr. Wu Kun used this formula for febrile disease, congestion, coughing, bronchitis, and Sinusitis (including sinus infection). One of the major ingredients 黃苓Huang Qin in modern research has revealed the flavone Baicalin. It is noted to help potentiate the effectiveness of western Anti-biotics. Alcohol free and kid-friendly.

For more information on Croopy Cough, be sure to listen to the Croopy Cough Webinar presented by our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer here: Croopy Cough Home Medic Course

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5.5 in
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Individual Bottle, 5 Pack, 10 Pack


蔬菜甘油  Gān Yóu Vegetable Glycerin
瓜蔞仁(栝蔞仁)  Gua Luo Pi Trichosanthes Peel
 陳皮  Ju Hong Pi Tangerine peel (Pummelo)
 黃苓  Huang Qin Scutellaria Root
 杏仁  Xing Ren Apricot Seed
 枳實  Zhi Shi Immature Bitter Orange
 茯苓  Fu Ling Poria (Solid Fungus)
 胆南星  Zhi Tan Nan Xing Salt Prepared Tan Nan Xing
 半夏  Fa Ban Xia Pinella Tuber
 蒸馏水  Zhēng Liú Shuǐ Distilled Water

Dosage Instructions

For best results take 30 minutes before or after food or drink on an empty stomach. Add recommended dosage below to 1 oz. of boiling water or favorite hot beverage. Cover for 5 minutes, drink warm & take twice daily.

7 Years to Adult – 80 drops
2 to 6 Years – 40 drops
1 Year – 30 drops
Newborn – 15 drops

Lasts eleven and a half (11 1/2) days for adult dosage.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Ventilates the Chest
  • Stops Cough and Wheezing
  • Regulates Qi
  • Dissolves Phlegm
  • Clears Heat
  • Drains Dampness
  • Dries Dampness


23 reviews for Croopy Cough Concentrated Decoction™ 清氣化痠湯

  1. Marc Sardy

    we used this for our son when he gets cold or flu and it takes the edge of it right away.

  2. Erika Olsen

    I gave this to my 2 year old, who had congestion and a fever. The following day her airways were clear and her fever was gone. Thank you Si Jin Bao.

  3. Brittney Tanner

    My little boy was running a fever and throwing up. As soon as I gave him the SJB his fever immediately went away and he started to rapidly improve!!! Two thumbs up from this momma

  4. Lillian Johnson

    My husband had flu systems, cold chills, fever and weak. After taking this product the next day his fever was gone and he felt much better but he continued to take this product for 10 days because he wanted to make sure his system was free from the bug. Great product I highly recommend this product.

  5. Sarah P.

    We live by all the SJB products!!!!

  6. W.Y.

    Croopy Cough is amazing as are all the products. It relieves flu symptoms quickly in all ages…

  7. Barbara

    I used croopy cough to help my husband get over the flu. We feel that he recovered more quickly than many others with the same symptoms who did not use this

  8. Karen P.

    Awesome stuff, I love the Open Air Tea (Croopy Cough) @SiJinBao.

  9. @flowingwithfaith

    I love these products they are truly the best around! I have used the open airway (Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang / Croopy Cough) tea for about 5 yrs now off and on and it has helped my daughter and myself get through the worst of colds without needing antibiotics! Thank you so much for making these miraculous products.

  10. Summer C.

    Knocks out sickness quickly! Allergies are nothing like they were before we started open air (Croopy Cough)! I’ve got my mom, cousins and aunt on these products as well!

  11. Kellsie G.

    love these herbs! Cold be gone, I always keep them on hand. #croopycough and the tummy tea is perfect for the flu!

  12. C. Franz, M.D.

    We love Croopy Cough and Breathe Again , Open AIR and AIR teas. They prevent problems, treat respiratory infections, help recover from significant viruses like RSV, help asthmatics become less inhaler dependent, and are SO helpful with allergies, especially in the spring (Because we see SO MANY).The convenience of the drops as well as the effectiveness are really unsurpassed.Thank you so much

  13. Mrs. Connally

    Breathe Again and Croopy Cough are a staple when we have young kids!!!!

  14. Coco

    I have been using Croopy cough for a couple of years and every time my son get sick, it works fast! It clears his sinuses, lungs and even works when he has a sore throat! I definitely recommend it!

  15. Annette L.

    These products really help! We use them and have since my middle son was a baby when he took it through a sippy cup with diluted juice.

  16. Sarah C.

    my daughter…suffers from croup every time she gets sick. At her old pediatrician, or at the ER, it was always steroids and breathing treatments. Finally a doctor told me at the ER, that as often as she was having these treatments, that her body could start or would become effected by the steroid use. My daughter now barely gets sick or is better in less than 24 hours by taking open air tea … I am forever thankful that we don’t have to rush to be seen for steroid use anymore. Some children can get through croup without any steroids, but [my daughter] for some reason always was croup with stryder and it would become pretty serious where her oxygen would become effected. I’m just forever grateful for a natural option that truly works with my daughter’s body instead of working against my daughter’s body!!!!

  17. Alejandro

    Love this product. Really helps to get rid of colds and cough symptoms right away.

  18. Cornelia Franz, M.D.

    Croopy Cough and Open Air remain staples in my practice. Patients with mononucleosis or flu respond rapidly to these herbaceuticals, and we use them for every case of flu and mono. recovery time is shorter in almost all cases.

    In 35 years of practice I have seen many treatments come and go for many illnesses. Open Air and Croopy Cough improve symptoms the fastest and make recovery shorter than we would expect from a western point of view. They are incredible. Flu, mono, bronchitis, and inflammatory mucosal conditions have responded positively to Croopy Cough and Open Air Tea (Qing Qi Hua Ta Tang).

  19. Mary Spencer

    Gave this to all my children who had runny noses, which began to turn green after being advised from my homeopathic doctor. The next day their runny noses were clear, the coughing was less, and spirits were high. Truly a blessing in a bottle.
    5 stars

  20. Margaret Witzleb, ARNP

    So far, all of the SiJinBao products have been warmly accepted by my patients. They work very well and have kept many kiddos off of antibiotics, which pleases the parents and myself. Thank you for your product and for your dedication.

  21. @wholisticmomma

    We used this on our newborn a few weeks ago and it worked so well! Our whole family had the flu and we were over it in such a short time! ?? Thank you for these amazing herbs! ❤

  22. SC

    My family has not had to be on any antibiotics for almost 3 years, because of your products! Croupy cough has rescued us Every time…. Fevers gone quickly with little to no infections (green runny nose) present! Air tea is taken for up to 30 days during allergy season and keeps us well!

  23. kk

    So happy with Croopycough?? it works so well & clear the throat so quickly! ??

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