Immun-A-TEA 補正氣湯 (集)

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Boost Your Immunity

Boost your Immune System – 2oz.

Bu Zheng Qi Tang

Take the first 3 days of every month.

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Halotherapy, Immun-A-TEA, & Si Jin Bao Herbaceuticals

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
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Individual Bottle, 5 Pack, 10 Pack


蔬菜甘油 Gān YóuVegetable Glycerin
 紫蘇葉 Zǐ Sū YèPerilla Leaf
 桔梗 Jie GengPlatycodon
 車前子 Che Qian ZiPlantago Seed
 厚朴 Hou PoMagnolia Bark
 補骨脂 Bu Gu ZhiPsoralea Fruit
 沙參 Bei Sha ShenGlehnia Root
 蒼耳子 Cang Er ZiXanthium Fruit
 白芷 Bai ZhiDahurien Angelica
 辛夷花 Xin Yi HuaMagnolia Flower
 蒸馏水 Zhēng Liú ShuǐDistilled Water

Dosage Instructions

For best results take 30 minutes before or after food or drink on an empty stomach. Add recommended dosage below to 1 oz. of boiling water or favorite hot beverage. Cover for 5 minutes, drink warm & take twice daily.

7 Years to Adult – 80 drops
2 to 6 Years – 40 drops
1 Year – 30 drops
Newborn – 15 drops

Lasts five and three-quarters (5 3/4) days for adult dosage


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Releases the Exterior and Disperses Cold
Promotes the movement of Qi
Expands the chest
Allow Lungs to grasp Qi
Nourishes production of Yin &Yang
Resolve Phlegm
Transform Phlegm
Eliminate Phlegm
Open the Nose
Rectifies the Qi


7 reviews for Immun-A-TEA 補正氣湯 (集)

  1. KF

    Immun-A-TEA is my new favorite Si Jin Bao product! Within the first 30 seconds of taking it I felt lightness in my body and my lungs breathing deeper. Just the boost I needed!

  2. Tammy

    When i took Immun-a-tea the 2nd & 3rd day, i kept catching myself making deeper and fuller inhales throughout the day. My whole body is feeling stronger now; more alert and awake.

  3. Wells Chiropractic Clinic

    We have used Si Jin Bao in our home for over a decade. The efficacy of these herbs always amaze me, even after all this time. It is a wonderful compliment to your Chiropractic care and lifestyle.

  4. WY

    I just finished my coffee with Immun-A-TEA in it. I have not felt this alive in so long. I feel like crying I feel so much better

  5. Cornelia Franz, M.D.

    Immun-a-tea is a new and a welcomed addition to the Si Jin Bao Line. I love its convenience and ease of use as we recommend prevention therapy all the time. Now Immun-A-Tea makes it easy for the whole family and can be carried on board a plane! No more checking it in the luggage.

  6. SGE

    I’ve been taking Immun-A-Tea and LOVE IT!!!! I wanted to try it before giving it to my 7 month daughter. I also bought Breathe Again and the Croopy cough one. Love your products, thank you so much ???

  7. Dr. Cornelia Franz

    Immun-A-tea is fabulous. A great addition to the Herbaceutical family. THANK YOU.

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