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Premium herbaceuticals

Ancient Wisdom Fused With
Modern Technology

Powerful Over-the-Counter formulas made from plants for all ages. Enjoyable, tasty, and part of your daily routine. Premium herbs have never been so simple.

100% Plant based & Cruelty Free


Designed By A Physician

TasteS Great

No Alcohol

Mom Approved

Natural Ingredients


Concentrated Decoctions™

What is a concentrated Decoction?
Extra Strength Stop Pain Decoction™

Kick Your old pain relievers to the curb

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Whether you have acute pain or life-long chronic pain – Relief™ alleviates all pain so that you are able to live your life.

Our Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer saw that it was necessary to craft a formula that would help people with this PAIN PANDEMIC. Relief was specifically made to eliminate blockages therefore relieving pain, not just blunting the pain response.

It Couldn't Be More Simple

Just Add Hot Water

Our Concentrated Decoctions™ are delivered in drops and added to one ounce of hot water – nothing else needed.
Follow these simple steps to feel the power of our all natural formulas:

1. Add Drops

Shake before each use. Add recommended dosage to cup.


2. Add hot water

Add 1oz of hot water to drops.

3. Cover

Cover and allow it to sit for 5 minutes.

4.take twice daily

Drink warm & take twice daily.

A Facelift in a bottle™

Because You are Wonderful™

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Wonderful™ is a formula created for restoring the youthful appearance to the skin by firming, toning, lifting and hydrating, promoting elasticity, reducing wrinkles and pore size. Essentially it is a facelift in a bottle!



Ancient Asian Medicine sees the body as a system of interrelated parts working harmoniously together.

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