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Concentrated Decoctions

Concentrated Decoctions are a potent and powerful way to deliver the balancing benefits of herbs to your body. Traditionally decoctions are made using alcohol, however, our internal herbs are 100% Alcohol Free thanks to a proprietary process developed by our founder.

Designed by a Physician
Tastes Great
Alcohol Free
Mom Approved
Natural Ingredients
breathe easy not wheezy™

Breathe Again CD™

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With well over 1 million+ doses delivered, Breathe Again Concentrated Decoction™ has been trusted by Eastern & Western Physicians for 25+ years to stop coughs and clear infections while also tasting great.

Open Airway & Eliminate Congestion™

Croopy Cough™

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Croopy Cough is our version of a Chinese Classical formula that dates back over 4 centuries. It is used for cough, chest, & nasal congestion.

Boost Your Immunity™


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Traveling? Visiting family members or friends? Have kids in school? It’s time to protect yourself with Immun-A-TEA. Take the first 3 days of every month to keep those cooties away. Give your body the the tools necessary to function flawlessly – because who has time to deal with a #cold? #shieldsup
Digest THe MEss™

Upset Tummy™

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This is our version of a classical formula dating back to the 15th century. It is used for overeating, alcohol intoxication, food poisoning, morning sickness and more. The perfect addition to any first-aid travel kit, especially for overseas travel.

Extra Strength Stop Pain Decoction™


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Whether you have acute or life-long chronic pain – Relief™ alleviates all pain so that you are able to live your life. Our Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer saw the necessity of crafting a formula that would help people with pain. It was specifically made to eliminate blockages, not just blunting the pain response.

Concentrated Decoctions

Couldn't Be More Simple

When people hear “Chinese Herbs”, many instantly imagine “too much work” and a bitter and unpleasant taste. Traditional methods used to produce Chinese herbal formulas are intricate and complex. The process takes hours, with a variety of instructions for the desired effect.

Our founder quickly set out to create a line of products that could bring the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine to the fast paced Western lifestyle as a gift to his patients. He spent over 5 years perfecting and refining our formula until even a small child would benefit from and enjoy the taste.

And so all you need to take any SJB Herbacetical is simply hot water. Easily consumed on the go, or, if you have time, we suggest taking a moment to yourself, away from the craziness of life and JUST BREATHE.

Concentrated Decoction Dropper

1. Add Drops

Shake before each use. Add recommended dosage to cup.


Concentrated Decoction Hot Water

2. Add hot water

Add 1oz of hot water to drops.

Cover Concentrated Decoction

3. Cover

Cover and allow it to sit for 5 minutes.

Take 2x daily

4.take twice daily

Drink warm & take twice daily.