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Topicals (Externals)

Our all-natural external products invigorate and rejuvenate healing from within. They are handcrafted and suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. Safe for all ages, Vegan, and trusted by Eastern & Western Physicians.

Designed by a Physician
Mom Approved
Natural Ingredients
Eliminates Pain™


#headache #jointpain #neckpain #bruises #bonebruises #contusions #periodcramps

Revive™ has been found to work on symptoms including pain, numbness and heaviness of muscles, tendon and joint swelling, hotness and limitation of movement of joints, headache, joint pain, neck pain, bruises, bone bruises, ligament damage, contusions, period cramps, and more. #eliminatespain

Nutrition for the skin™


#nurtitionfortheskin #acne #bugbites #itchy #sunburn #skincare

Schmoove™ works by promoting proper skin function through providing the skin with the nutrition it needs. It has been successful in treating skin irritation, break-outs, burns, dryness, skin damage, and rashes.

A Facelift in a bottle™


#faceliftinabottle #wrinkles #stretchmarks #anti-aging #suppleskin #restoreselasticity

Wonderful™ is a formula created for restoring the youthful appearance to the skin by firming, toning, lifting and hydrating, promoting elasticity, reducing wrinkles and pore size. Essentially it is a facelift in a bottle!

Surround the dragon

If you have a lesion, cut, pimple, or rash – put our topicals AROUND it – NOT on top.
The healthy skin will assist the damaged skin in the healing process.