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The PAIN Pandemic

Most people suffer in silence. Pain can turn your life upside down all the while leaving you incredibly isolated, even from those you love. Sometimes all you can think about is your pain.

Every step, every move.

It can be insufferable, unrelenting, and overwhelming.

58.9% of adults in the U.S. aged 18 and over experience some sort of pain according to the National Health Interview Survey. That’s nearly 3 in 5 adults experiencing pain, so chances are if it’s not you – it’s someone you know and love.

Pain specialists say that Western Treatments are decades behind the science, leaving millions of people without the support they need to manage their pain.


And so our Founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer ‘Dr. Kamal’ saw that it was necessary to craft a formula that would help people with this PAIN PANDEMIC.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicine for their primary healthcare.  There is a way to help manage your pain without the use of opioids and prescription pain killers, which merely mask pain and do not address the root cause of it.

It’s time start living again, and you can do that with the newest addition to the Si Jin Bao family of products.

Introducing Relief Concentrated Decoction


Meet the newest member of the Si Jin Bao product line, RELIEF! It has all of the amazing qualities you know and love from Si Jin Bao products while only being made with 6 plant based herbs.  It is safe for ALL ages and as always is alcohol free.

Relief targets pain at the source by eliminating blockages. Whether you have acute pain or life-long chronic pain – Relief alleviates all pain so that you are able to live your life.

This isn’t another pain pill that will stop your pain signals. Relief opens blockages within the body so that your pain receptors no longer need to be engaged. As soon as the blockage is removed, the body turns the signal off.

No More Suffering In Silence

No matter what your pain is, Relief can help!

We only use the highest-quality of herbs to create our formulas. Free from preservatives, food additives, artificial ingredients, and fillers.

Relief is backed by research and studies proven clinically by physicians, scientists, and herbalists. It supports benefits such as:

Try Relief for 30 days and experience the wonders of ancient wisdom fused with modern technology. Open the door to a pain free life, and spread the word! Remember, Relief works for ANY pain, so next time you go to use that over-the-counter pain reliever –  choose all natural Relief instead. 

Because your body is telling you something, are you listening?

We’ve got you covered with Relief!

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