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Decoctions are derived from a unique process of extracting herbs to create a more potent and easily assimilated form. The net result is a liquid and/or cream that can be used topically or taken as a tea.
In China, OVER 80% of all herbs are processed by patients into decoctions. However, in the West many patients do not follow through with their herbal treatments due to the extensive amount of time and effort it takes to do so correctly.
Upon ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ return from China (see Our History for more!), he began developing his own line of Herbaceuticals. With a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and experience gained from visiting China, he felt confident that a decoction process could be created to appeal to the American public. Being a practitioner himself for over twenty years, he knew exactly what patients were looking for: a fast-acting, effortless, and tasteful way to take traditional herbs. After much research and trial he achieved his goal of bringing Chinese decoctions to the Western People.
While the decoctions tasted better than ever, new complaints arrived about the large amount that had to be consumed in order to be effective. This led to the development of Concentrated Decoctions. At a concentration ration initially of 16:1, he was able to make potent herbs in smaller dosages.  That was twenty years ago, and now people from around the globe enjoy an even more concentrated version of those same formulas.  The ease of very diminutive doses and the vigor and vitality of premium powerful formulas is what makes Si Jin Bao and our Concentrated Decoctions unique.
‘Dr. Kamal’ also developed a line of topical creams over two decades ago that have proven to be very successful.  Revive was created to alleviate any type of Bi syndrome through invigorating Qi.  Schmoove was formed to treat burns for oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, and in the process, was found to eliminate skin conditions.  Lastly, Wonderful was formulated to fight the effects of aging.
Here at Si Jin Bao we continue to create Concentrated Decoctions and concentrated creams that rejuvenate and invigorate people globally.  As the founder, ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ vision is to provide fast acting and effective herbs as a means to serve all people.  His inspiration and love of traditional Chinese medicine has created a product line that is effective and powerful.
At Si Jin Bao, we do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Did you know?

All of our herbs are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure purity of the raw materials before they are processed in our own facility. We only use the highest-quality of herbs to create our formulas and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the Herbaceutical industry.

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