Si Jin Bao

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Steeped in Tradition

For over two decades Si Jin Bao has been dedicated to providing premium Chinese Herbaceuticals to homes and practices all across the globe.

Our story begins with founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer Kamal Polite, A.P. DOM, or ‘Dr. Kamal’ as his patients called him.  At the beginning of his career as an Acupuncture Physician, he endeavored to demonstrate to his patients how the body can build its own Zheng Qi to balance and maintain harmony.

As part of his school’s curriculum, he worked in a Primary Care Hospital in China.  This helped enlighten him to the incredible restorative power of herbal medicine.  In China, over 80% of all herbal prescriptions are prepared by an herbalist and then processed at home by patients into decoctions. Traditionally this cooking method takes 2-3 hours, with a variety of instructions for the desired effect.

‘Dr. Kamal’ believed that the American public could benefit greatly, however, they were hardly receptive.  From an American perspective, becoming a lay-herbalist was not convenient and took too much time.  Seeing this challenge as an opportunity, he set out to create a line of products that could bring the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine to the fast paced Western lifestyle.

Twenty years later our Concentrated Decoctions™ are still inspired by our founder’s passion and love of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Our products are fast-acting, effortless, tasteful, and provide the ease of small doses along with the vigor and vitality of powerful formulas.  All of our internal decoctions are Vegan, kid tested, mom-approved, and alcohol free.

We do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Our Vision

Si Jin Bao is a revolutionary herbaceutical company focused on combining Ancient Asian Traditions with Modern Technology.

Here at Si Jin Bao we provide herbal formulas that integrate ancient knowledge with modern distribution practices.  In doing such we have provided practitioners with the tools necessary to achieve powerful results for patients in a modern environment. 

Our team of herbal experts has worked together for many years to build a storehouse of herbal knowledge.  We are constantly researching Ancient Wisdom to develop new herbal formulas that can manage problems and conditions common today.

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