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Thousands of years ago during the 戰國時代 Warring States Period (475-221 BC), a young man named 秦越人Qin Yueren lived in the land of 秦 Qin, now known as China.
One day a guest at the inn in which 秦越人 Qin Yueren worked fell gravely ill. 秦 Qin ran to find a physician who was also staying at the inn to ask for help. After the doctor examined the sick guest, he prescribed a simple herbal formula. The guest recovered and the interaction changed the entire scope of young 秦 Qin’s life.
He became an apprentice to the physician, and closely watched how the old master treated his patients. At night he would write down everything he had seen, as well as his own observations.
When 秦越人Qin Yueren eventually became a physician himself, because of his dedication and acquired skill set he quickly earned him the name ‘扁䳍 Bian Que’, the highest honor for a doctor in ancient times.
Our founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer Kamal Polite, A.P., DOM for over two decades has endeavered to continue the legacy of 扁䳍 Bian Que by providing premium Chinese Herbaceuticals across the globe.  Here at Si Jin Bao we focus on combining Ancient Asian Traditions with Modern Technology, bringing forward the dedication and skill that earned Bian Que his name.

Above image By Gan Bozong (Tang period, 618-907) - (hi-res image)Gallery: Collection gallery (2018-03-28): CC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0,

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