Si Jin Bao

Yin Qiao Tang 銀翹湯 Prescription Required S. Mills

Honeysuckle and Forsythia Decoction – 1oz




Honeysuckle and Forsythia Decoction – 1oz

This is Si Jin Bao’s version of a classical formula known in China for centuries. In fact, famous physician Qin Bo-Wei used it for many disorders such as epidemic febrile disease, upper-respiratory tract infection, influenza, and acute bronchitis, to name a few. Presently, many patients in America have come to trust this tried and true formula.

For more information on Yin Qiao Tang, be sure to listen to the Jia de Yisheng Webinar presented by our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer here: Yin Qiao Tang Webinar

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蔬菜甘油 Gān Yóu Vegetable Glycerin
淡竹葉 Dan Zhu Ye lophatherum stem and leaves
生地黃 Sheng Di Huang Chinese foxglove root
金銀花 Jin Yin Hua honeysuckle flower
連翹 Lian Qiao forsythia fruit
甘草 Gan Cao licorice root
麥門冬 Mai Men Dong ophiopogon tuber
蒸馏水 Zhēng Liú Shuǐ Distilled Water

Standard Dosage

For best results take 30 minutes before or after food or drink. Add 1 oz. of boiling water to recommended dosage using the information below. Cover for 5 minutes, drink warm & take twice daily.

7 Years to Adult – 20 drops
2 to 6 Years – 10 drops
1 Year – 7 drops
Newborn – 3 drops

Lasts eleven and a half (11 1/2) days for STANDARD adult dosage