Bao Gu: The Immortal Lady Bao

Bao Gu: The Immortal Lady Bao Bao Gu lived during the 晉朝 Jin Dynasty (266 – 420 A.D.) and is celebrated as one of the four most influential female physicians of ancient China. Bao Gu’s name is among giants such as Yi Shuo, who was the first female Imperial Physician for the Empress of the […]

Chao Yuanfang & The Zhubing Yuanhou Lun

巢元方 Chao Yuanfang 巢元方 Chao Yuanfang was a highly influential physician and author in China whose impact in his own community as well as neighboring Japan influenced medical sciences that are still referenced today. There are not many records about Dr. Yuanfang’s birth and life. He lived during two great Chinese dynasties: the Sui Dynasty […]

Grandmaster Wong Fei-hung

黄飞鸿 Wong Fei-hung’s Origin Story Today we will be discussing the incredible life of 黄飞鸿 Wong Fei-hung. He is considered one of the forefathers of modern day martial arts, a master bone setter and a folk hero. 黄飞鸿 Wong Fei-hung was born near Foshan (Bruce Lee’s ancestral home) in 1847 and was given the name […]

Liu Wan Su: The Cold & Cooling School

Liu Wan su (Liu Wansu)

The Four Great Masters of Chinese Medicine 劉完素 Liu Wan Su lived from 1110–1200 and is revered as one of the Four Great Masters of Chinese Medicine during the 金朝 Jin Dynasty (1115 – 1234). His name has been memorialized alongside 張志和 Zhang Zi He (School of Attacking and Purging), 李东垣 Li Dong Yuan (Earth […]

The Legacy of Zhang Yuansu

张亓素 Zhang Yuansu’s Origin Story 张亓素Zhang Yuansu was born in Yi Shui, Hebei Province in the 金朝 Jin Dynasty (1115–1234 A.D.). When he was just 8 years old, 张亓素Zhang Yuansu passed an imperial exam for children. However, Zhang failed to pass the imperial examination for scholars based on Confucian classics at the age of 27 […]

Tao Hongjing: Grand Councilor of the Mountains

陶弘景 Tao Hongjing: Grand Councilor of the Mountains 陶弘景 Tao Hongjing was born near the southern imperial capital of Jiankang (modern day Nanjing) in the year 456 and lived during the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China (420 – 589). 陶弘景 Tao Hongjing was an extraordinary human being who excelled in everything he set his […]

The Journey of Jian Zhen

The Journey of 鑒真 Jianzhen Traditional Japanese Medicine originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine and was first introduced to Japan directly from the mainland of China. One of the first men who brought Traditional Chinese Medicine to Japan was 鑒真 Jianzhen. 鑒真 Jianzhen was not proficient in medicine only. As a matter of fact, he is […]

Wáng Shū Hē and The Pulse Canon

王叔和 Wáng Shū Hē and The Pulse Canon 王叔和 Wáng Shū Hē is one of many revered Chinese medical scientists of the past whose hard work, dedication and expertise are spoken about and still consulted by medical professionals across the globe today. 王叔和 Wáng Shū Hē lived in the late second and third century, though […]

Tan Yunxian: Female Physician Spotlight

談允賢 Tan Yunxian: Famous Ming Dynasty Female Physician Some of the most brilliant physicians in the history of mankind have come from China. Many of these healers were women, which came with its own difficulties and controversies in order to be recognized and even allowed to use their skills to help people. Today we will […]

Li Shizhen: Sage of Medicine & Herbs

李时珍 Li Shizhen: Sage of Medicine and Herbs 李时珍 Li Shizhen, a famed doctor from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was a true giant who “gave medicine to everyone in need and brought back lives free of charge”. 李时珍 Li Shizhen’s contribution is still echoing through the lives of ordinary people across the world. Born into […]