Revive™ OTC Fu Xing 复兴(集)

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Revive Over-the-Counter

Eliminates Pain

Revive™ alleviates Bi Syndrome of any type, regardless of the cause. It quickly works to promote blood circulation.  Use for muscle and joint obstruction, or to promote blood circulation in an area before a treatment.  Revive’s unique formulation allows it to work quickly, in as little as a minute.

Originally designed to alleviate Bi Syndrome and muscle soreness caused by repetitive use common in many vocations such as Massage Therapy, Construction and Computer Data Entry, it has been found to work on all types of symptoms including headache, joint pain, neck pain, bruises, bone bruises, ligament damage, contusions and more.

Many practitioners use Revive™ to promote blood circulation in an area prior to treatments such as Tui-na (Chinese Medical Massage), Cupping, or Acupuncture or to invigorate their hands before or after bodywork.

For more information on Revive, be sure to listen to the Revive Webinar presented by our Chief Herbaceutical Engineer here: Revive Home Medic Course and the Purge Your Pain Series

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17 reviews for Revive™ OTC Fu Xing 复兴(集)

  1. Acuman

    I have a patient with COPD with burning and painfull swelling of ankles. They would get hot, red and purple. I used acupuncture, bleeding and herbal formulas and got acceptable results. Not until I introduced Revive 3x a day did dramatic improvement happen. “… In one week I have no more fiery burning!

  2. Marti Gotts

    I had a hard fall and started using Revive immediately after; it helped with pain but also I experienced no bruising at all–it is amazing

  3. The Franz Center

    I love these products. They work in so many ways consistently and effectively. They are part of what I recommend in anyones first aid kit.

  4. Dixie Gilbert

    I have used Revive for the last 3 years. Always get compliments about my complexion & what product I use! I do get facials from a local spa and Linda is the person who started me on Revive. I love your products!

  5. Sheryl Ward

    Product is the best on the market. Works better than anything ever used.. Love it! Takes away pain and stops muscle spasms.

  6. Irene Cuffy

    I was introduced to Revive by a friend, while experiencing pain especially due to stress. One night I had the flu and was coughing so hard that I had terrible pain in the chest. No matter what I took neither the cough nor the pain would go away. I decided that I was going to use revive for the pain. To my delight both the pain and coughing stopped immediately. From that night I use revive whether it is for just the common cold or the flu, or any other ailments. I love revive.

  7. J.B

    Great this product is amazing!

  8. Kathleen L.

    I do not leave home w/o…. Wonderful Revive Schmoove

  9. C. Franz

    Revive is a terrific product. We have used it on our Labrador to restore a torn ACL and it worked.We use it on all kinds of pain with great results. We use it on the chest for coughs- it made a big difference during the flu season to help ease that raw harsh feeling from the cough. We use it for teething, and muscle soreness . It is better than Tiger Balm and does not have the strong camphor smell.Thank you for such a terrific product that consistently and reproducibley does what it is designed to do.

  10. Rebekah J.

    Natural products that actually work and heal. You must try this.

  11. Sheila Taylor-Clark

    I’ve used this product for over a year and it works just as they write it does. It works within minutes of applying it to the painful area. I will continue to use it because I have arthritis in both knees and this cream gives me relief from that pain.

  12. Cornelia Franz, M.D.

    I personally do not go anywhere without Revive and Schmoove. In my pediatric practice we use them daily! Schmoove on eczema, diaper rashes, teething pain, cold sores, sunburn, itchy rashes, sore throats…Revive DOES work on all pains. We will use it for coughs (rub n the chest) any bruising, any pain- can also help with teething pain, ear pain (rub under the earlobe), sprains, strains, post surgery to reduce pain and heal bruising faster.When parents ask “what should I have at home as first aid” Revive, Schmoove, Air or Breathe again, Open Air or Croopy Cough, and stomach tea. THESE are a must in your home care kit.We have not had to use any over the counter therapies in YEARS because these products work so well to heal the problem- they do not just treat the symptom.Thank you

  13. Sheryl Ward

    Great product, reduces or removes joint pain.. Excellent for muscle cramps. Highly recommend.

  14. Selah, age 12

    The Revive Cream has helped me with growing pains in my legs.

  15. Barbara

    Because of blood thinners, I bruise easily. This helps them go away faster. Great for bruising.

  16. tru3aztecmayan

    So many great uses but Using a small amount on both my sons’s backs when they have sticky congestion along with AIR Tea- fast effective relief ????

  17. PB

    I keep this on hand in my son’s bjj gear bag for any aches or pains occurring at the gym and tournaments. He (9yo) swears by it.

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