5 Ways to Boost Your Zheng Qi

What is Zheng Qi?

What is Zheng Qi?  You may have seen it on our social media posts or from the label on our Immu-A-TEA bottles.  We talk about this subject frequently here at Si Jin Bao.   Zheng Qi means “upright” qi in Chinese.  It is the body’s ability to resist disease and exogenous pathogens. 

Consider Zheng Qi to be your personal body guard protecting your internal life force from any outside intruders around the clock.

The next question you might be asking yourself is: “Isn’t that what the immune system does?”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it goes much deeper than just the immune system.  It is the ability to recover after damaging influences, and to maintain balance in order to return to a normal state.  It is adaptive, has a will to live, and survivability.  Some call it a protective power.  It is the body’s strength and resistance.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Zheng Qi

Clearly the next question is, “How do I boost my Zheng Qi?” 

There are many simple and effective ways!  Here are 5 just to get you started:

  1. SLEEP Sleep allows the body to rest, recharge, and repair.  Did you know that it also reduces stress and increases mood?
  2. EXERCISE  In Chinese Medicine exercise of the internal and external body is important.  In the West most people are not aware of the benefits of exercise for your internal organs.  Try Qigong or Dao Yin (like The Morning Workout Class from our friends over at OHO Seminars).
  3. SUNLIGHT & FRESH AIR  Time spent outside helps to reduce stress, mental fatigue, and dis-ease.  It cleans our lungs, increases oxygen absorption, balances our hormones, and the list goes on.  Not to mention it increases our Hormone D levels and decreases cortisol in the blood.  Be sure to take nice long deep breaths while you are outside.
  4. DRINK WATER  Water is vital for the everyday function of your body.  It is a solvent for chemical reactions, a transport material for nutrients and waste, allows for proper circulation, and regulates the body’s temperature amongst a whole host of things.  Carry water with you so that you do not become dehydrated.
  5. IMMUN-A-TEA™  Take the first 3 days of every month to boost your Zheng Qi, it’s that EASY.

Boost Your Zheng Qi with Immun-A-Tea™

Back in early 2019 we introduced the newest addition to our all-natural, alcohol free, kid-friendly, and vegan internal decoction line which has been helping families stay happy and healthy across the world for over two decades.

With well over 90,000 doses delivered, Immun-A-Tea™ is a great addition to your home wellness protocol.  Known for its tagline, ‘Boost your Zheng Qi,’ Immun-A-Tea™ promotes oxygen absorption, regulates respiration, promotes digestive function, regulates the immune system, regulates bowels and eliminates toxins.

Just like all of the Si Jin Bao products, Immun-A-Tea™ is kid tested and mom-approved.

“I just finished my coffee with Immun-A-TEA in it. I have not felt this alive in so long. I feel like crying I feel so much better”- WY

Interested in learning more about Immun-A-Tea™? Be sure to listen to our complimentary Halotherapy Webinar presented by the Chief Herbaceutical Engineer of Si Jin Bao here.

Until next time, stay healthy 健康!

China’s King of Medicine

孫思邈 Sun Simiao, China's King of Medicine

孫思邈 Sun Simiao was a famous Doctor and author who lived during the Sui and Tang dynasties.  He wrote two major works on medical practice and one on Daoist longevity prescriptions.  Born in 581 A.D., his contribution to Chinese Medicine was so significant that he was honored with the title “China’s King of Medicine.”

孫思邈 Sun Simiao grew up in the countryside of Jingzhao Huayuan, now Sunjiayuan in Shaanxi Province.  At the age of seven years old he began consuming as much information on the Chinese Classics as he could get his hands on.  By twenty years old he had mastered them. 

Growing up, 孫思邈 Sun Simiao was interested in the practice of medicine, and as a young adult he began with healing himself while also treating relatives and neighbors.  Word of his healing abilities and ethics spread throughout the land.  孫思邈 Sun Simiao considered himself a man of the people, and would treat anyone.  It is said that his father commanded that he treat patients as they were his own family, no matter social class or age.

“Whenever eminent physicians treat an illness, they must quiet the spirit and settle the will, they must be free of wants and desires, and they must first develop a heart full of great compassion and empathy. They must pledge to devote themselves completely to relieving the suffering of all sentient beings.”

— Sun Simiao, Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang I.2

Emperor Taizong of Tang & Empress Zhangsun

Emperor Taizong of Tang called upon one of his ministers to help with a serious issue.  His wife, the Empress Zhangsun, had been pregnant for over ten months, and still had not given birth to their baby.  The Imperial Physicians had no solution.  He asked for guidance from his trusted minister. 

Minister Xu Maogong looked at the melancholy Emperor and said, “I heard that there is a famous doctor named Sun Simiao among the people. He can cure intractable diseases. In my opinion, you should summon him to the palace to treat Her Majesty.”

孫思邈 Sun Simiao was immediately ordered to the Imperial Palace.  The Imperial Physicians were worried that if Sun Simiao cured the Empress, the Emperor would put him in a position of power which would threaten their status.

To prevent Sun Simiao from treating the Empress, they told the Emperor that he was of an inferior class, and as such could not get close to the Empress.  Sun Simiao quickly spoke up and said “I can Pulse Diagnosis with a String.悬丝诊脉.”

The Emperor agreed and a court maid gave Sun Simiao a long red string.  He held one end of the line, and had the court maid tie the other end to the Empress’ wrist.  Sitting outside of the window with only a string in his hand, Sun Simiao diagnosed the Empress’ condition. 

Sun Simiao reported back to the Emperor, “I only need to stick a needle on Her Majesty’s left hand, and she can give birth to the baby. After taking several decoctions, she will recover gradually.”

The Empress quickly gave birth to a healthy baby.  Emperor Taizong of Tang was so happy that he asked Sun Simiao to stay on and run the Palace Hospital.  Sun Simiao refused.  He did not serve the ruling class, nor did he pursue wealth or fame.

Emperor Taizong respected Sun Simiao, and allowed him to decline the post.

Sun Simiao went on to collect many methods used for processing, classifying, and storing herbs.  He advocated for prevention and stressed cultivating mental poise and balance.

What are Concentrated Decoctions?

Decoctions are derived from a unique process of extracting herbs to create a more potent and easily assimilated form. The net result is a liquid and/or cream that can be used topically or taken as a tea.
In China, OVER 80% of all herbs are processed by patients into decoctions. However, in the West many patients do not follow through with their herbal treatments due to the extensive amount of time and effort it takes to do so correctly.
Upon ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ return from China (see Our History for more!), he began developing his own line of Herbaceuticals. With a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and experience gained from visiting China, he felt confident that a decoction process could be created to appeal to the American public. Being a practitioner himself for over twenty years, he knew exactly what patients were looking for: a fast-acting, effortless, and tasteful way to take traditional herbs. After much research and trial he achieved his goal of bringing Chinese decoctions to the Western People.
While the decoctions tasted better than ever, new complaints arrived about the large amount that had to be consumed in order to be effective. This led to the development of Concentrated Decoctions. At a concentration ration initially of 16:1, he was able to make potent herbs in smaller dosages.  That was twenty years ago, and now people from around the globe enjoy an even more concentrated version of those same formulas.  The ease of very diminutive doses and the vigor and vitality of premium powerful formulas is what makes Si Jin Bao and our Concentrated Decoctions unique.
‘Dr. Kamal’ also developed a line of topical creams over two decades ago that have proven to be very successful.  Revive was created to alleviate any type of Bi syndrome through invigorating Qi.  Schmoove was formed to treat burns for oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, and in the process, was found to eliminate skin conditions.  Lastly, Wonderful was formulated to fight the effects of aging.
Here at Si Jin Bao we continue to create Concentrated Decoctions and concentrated creams that rejuvenate and invigorate people globally.  As the founder, ‘Dr. Kamal’s’ vision is to provide fast acting and effective herbs as a means to serve all people.  His inspiration and love of traditional Chinese medicine has created a product line that is effective and powerful.
At Si Jin Bao, we do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Did you know?

All of our herbs are tested in two independent laboratories to ensure purity of the raw materials before they are processed in our own facility. We only use the highest-quality of herbs to create our formulas and are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the Herbaceutical industry.

Our History

Steeped in Tradition

For over two decades Si Jin Bao has been dedicated to providing premium Chinese Herbaceuticals to homes and practices all across the globe.

Our story begins with founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer Kamal Polite, A.P. DOM, or ‘Dr. Kamal’ as his patients called him.  At the beginning of his career as an Acupuncture Physician, he endeavored to demonstrate to his patients how the body can build its own Zheng Qi to balance and maintain harmony.

As part of his school’s curriculum, he worked in a Primary Care Hospital in China.  This helped enlighten him to the incredible restorative power of herbal medicine.  In China, over 80% of all herbal prescriptions are prepared by an herbalist and then processed at home by patients into decoctions. Traditionally this cooking method takes 2-3 hours, with a variety of instructions for the desired effect.

‘Dr. Kamal’ believed that the American public could benefit greatly, however, they were hardly receptive.  From an American perspective, becoming a lay-herbalist was not convenient and took too much time.  Seeing this challenge as an opportunity, he set out to create a line of products that could bring the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine to the fast paced Western lifestyle.

Twenty years later our Concentrated Decoctions™ are still inspired by our founder’s passion and love of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Our products are fast-acting, effortless, tasteful, and provide the ease of small doses along with the vigor and vitality of powerful formulas.  All of our internal decoctions are Vegan, kid tested, mom-approved, and alcohol free.

We do all of the work so that you don’t have to!

Our Vision

Si Jin Bao is a revolutionary herbaceutical company focused on combining Ancient Asian Traditions with Modern Technology.

Here at Si Jin Bao we provide herbal formulas that integrate ancient knowledge with modern distribution practices.  In doing such we have provided practitioners with the tools necessary to achieve powerful results for patients in a modern environment. 

Our team of herbal experts has worked together for many years to build a storehouse of herbal knowledge.  We are constantly researching Ancient Wisdom to develop new herbal formulas that can manage problems and conditions common today.

A Tale of Two Physicians

Thousands of years ago during the 戰國時代 Warring States Period (475-221 BC), a young man named 秦越人Qin Yueren lived in the land of 秦 Qin, now known as China.
One day a guest at the inn in which 秦越人 Qin Yueren worked fell gravely ill. 秦 Qin ran to find a physician who was also staying at the inn to ask for help. After the doctor examined the sick guest, he prescribed a simple herbal formula. The guest recovered and the interaction changed the entire scope of young 秦 Qin’s life.
He became an apprentice to the physician, and closely watched how the old master treated his patients. At night he would write down everything he had seen, as well as his own observations.
When 秦越人Qin Yueren eventually became a physician himself, because of his dedication and acquired skill set he quickly earned him the name ‘扁䳍 Bian Que’, the highest honor for a doctor in ancient times.
Our founder and Chief Herbaceutical Engineer Kamal Polite, A.P., DOM for over two decades has endeavered to continue the legacy of 扁䳍 Bian Que by providing premium Chinese Herbaceuticals across the globe.  Here at Si Jin Bao we focus on combining Ancient Asian Traditions with Modern Technology, bringing forward the dedication and skill that earned Bian Que his name.

Above image By Gan Bozong (Tang period, 618-907) - https://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/obf_images/f6/01/8696804baac0c699593e99ff2521.jpg (hi-res image)Gallery: https://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/image/L0039317.htmlWellcome Collection gallery (2018-03-28): https://wellcomecollection.org/works/am6daq96 CC-BY-4.0, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33926719

屠蘇酒 Tusu Wine & The New Year

Over two-thousand years ago during the 漢朝 Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), the Typhoid plague spread rampantly.  There was widespread starvation and grief.  曹植 Cao Zhi, a poet at the time, said the following:

“Every family is pained with a corpse, every room has anguished cries.”

It is said that on New Year’s Eve, a physician told his neighbors to dip a bag of herbs he had gathered into a well.  On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the water was taken out of the well and mixed with Rice Wine.  The entire village was then to face towards the East and drink it for three days.  They all then became immune to the plague.

The prescription for this wine, called 屠蘇酒 Tusu Wine, contains several Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients and can be found in the Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies by 葛洪Ge Hong.  Each New Year to this day is celebrated by drinking 屠蘇酒 Tusu Wine.

The custom of drinking 屠蘇酒 Tusu Wine represents each family’s sorrow and joy, as well as a wish for longevity.  It also encompasses the Ancient Chinese concept of “curing the disease before it occurs.”

At 四金宝Si Jin Bao, where we use Ancient wisdom fused with modern technology, the philosophy is the same.  PREVENTION is the key to SUCCESS in any generation. 

May you have a Happy New Year! 恭喜發財 Gong Xi Fa Cai!